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Ekram Ahmed, EzineArticles Basic Author
INSURANCE, actually a business but its main focus on humanitarian ground, therefore, INSURANCE show some reality of life. In present days it is impossible to negate the necessity of INSURANCE. If we love ourselves, our family and care than INSURANCE is our assets, property, we should have to take advance to from INSURANCE for the safe of all these things. We cannot stop an accident all of a sudden but prevent with remedy for the losses occurred happened due to an accident out of the blue. So, in fact prevention is your safe-guard for all your sentiments. 

INSURANCE cover all your problems which might be occurred due to any accident. INSURANCE help you at that moment when nobody come to heel your wound. So, prevention is your friend of your day-to-day life. Some people avoid INSURANCE just only for paying advance for an invisible incident, they think why we should pay for INSURANCE for unseen happening but they didn't think that what happened when Tsunami get back. Every human who came to the world should die one day and it's the reality and the same time INSURANCE is a truth, that no one can refute, and it is also the reality that even no one knows about the time when he/she will be dead but they about know INSURANCE. So, everybody is busy in his/her life to work INSURANCE and then enjoy as more as possible. Everyone is getting married, you know the best gift of marriage, it is INSURANCE policy, with his/her love one and after marriage, 

INSURANCE it is also one of the realities that they INSURANCE might be have children which they love very much. And now they have to INSURANCE more work to give good life without INSURANCE to their children, good food, healthy life, good education and everything which he/she like, so, INSURANCE make happy their love ones with INSURANCE. So, doing these struggles for their love ones, he/she forget that if anything happened to him then who will care, only INSURANCE their love ones. Suddenly, one day he/she loss his/her life by accident, but INSURANCE is alive. He/she never thought that it will happen, but INSURANCE, no one can stop to supervene. 

Now think INSURANCE, who will look after the rest living alive, who will feed them, who will pay their school fee, INSURANCE who will buy new clothes, INSURANCE for them. Have anybody thought about this. INSURANCE, everybody will say the ALMIGHTY. But off course, ALMIGHTY will but how, he was given you the time to think about INSURANCE all the things, why you was getting too contemplatively searching jobs to live with dignity and price and comfort. So, it is better to lose in future, invest your present with INSURANCE, which will help you and your love ones in unfortunate time. INSURANCE comes forward anytime anywhere you need it. 

When you sick, INSURANCE will help you to settle your bill without any tension. When you hit your car or somebody hits your care, INSURANCE pays the repair, when happen anything beyond control of the INSURANCE, he/she become unavailable to their love ones, Company came forward to help you and your children through the strongest INSURANCE reality of life/world, the money. Without money no one can survive but survive without love. So, its looks very logical to accept the truth of INSURANCE, actually INSURANCE teach the bitterness and sweetness of life. If you are not realistic, you can think even cannot imagine about the fruitfulness of INSURANCE. 

Matter of fact, if you didn't think about yourself and your love ones, you cannot get any benefit from the life. Otherwise you think by getting involved in INSURANCE policy, you should have to pay a reasonable INSURANCE amount yearly to the company, might be possible before this you were also squander the same amount but now you are saving by paying the annual fee of INSURANCE policy. Just imagine you were squandering, and now just you start saving. Not even now, after 20 years of paying INSURANCE, when you are retiring from your works, no doubts, you are getting pension and other benefits from your organization but think about a handsome amount of money you are receiving just after maturing of your INSURANCE policy. So, I hope you will understand what the benefit of INSURANCE policy. Think it, make it into reality and get financially stability at one point. Thanks.

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