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Actually the first motives of any articles for blogs or websites are catching or attract search engines for getting top ranks. First you have to think about article matter that is very relevance and appealing to mind like people. Of course you should have to appropriate keywords, rightly, correctly and intelligently. Sure, these keywords will help your blogs or websites to involve search engines very promptly. This means your blogs or websites are promoting well.

Therefore, first of all you have chosen correct keywords for your blogs or website made for. After thinking and making decision the right keywords, you go to internet and research for your chosen keywords. This research work could do on search engines tools, you will there. So, please research correctly and deeply for betterment and healthy promotion of your blogs or websites. After research of keywords you are going to start writing your articles on the base of your keywords and for your blogs or websites, which have been created for what.

The foremost advice for your article, you will avoid overcrowding copies of your keywords, just emphasize to your actually the products and matters of your blogs or websites. Too much overcrowding of keywords, relate to Black-Hat SEO. Black-Hat SEO is not appealing to most of search engines. Before starting a articles for a blog or website, you will have to choose main and some secondary keywords. In writing choose clear and simple words to appeal your readers.

Correctly and effectively using of appropriate words in your articles give a lot of aspects that Google like or rather Google web crawlers will determine fast and prompt, which help your blog or website promotion and also ranking.

Some people think it should be between 500 to 600 words. However, it is not deniable that your articles should relate with your blogs or websites. Always remember that your blogs or websites title, the meta description and very first paragraph are very most important area for locating the SEO impact on your selected keywords.

Keeping in the mind that articles you have written on your pages are for people, so this is not doing any effect to search engines. But when people starting search for any item or articles or anything else, they just put in some words, phrase in the searching bar then search engines start their works to choose as per people’s required item or whatsoever. So, at this moment you good keywords help you to promptly appear on the screen of anyone who asked for. Therefore, more relevantly chosen keywords help to reach audience. And its gives boost to your sites or blogs, which will be help for monetizing.

 I wish you to GOOD LUCK and my BEST WISHES.