Cooking (Recipe)

All you meat lovers enjoy your dinner with your love ones with these easy to make, mouth watering kebabs.
Tandoori pasanda kabab with zucchini raita:
½ kg beef parchay (beef slices) undercut (quarter inch thick)
3 tbsp tandoori masala (spices)
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
2 tbsp yoghurt
Juice of 2 lemons
Salt as needed
Oil for shallow frying
Onion rings, lemons and lettuce for garnishing

Pound beef slices with a mallet and make them as thin as possible. Marinate in yoghurt, tandoori masala (spices), ginger garlic paste, salt and lemon juice for two hours and shallow fry on fry pan or grill them on heavy base cast iron grill. Garnish with onion, lemon and lettuce and serve with zucchini raita.
Zucchini Raita:
1 cup zucchini or maro gourd (grated and sautéed in a little bit of oil)
1 cup strained yoghurt
1 tbsp cumin powder
1 tbsp superfine sugar
Salt as needed
1 tbsp roasted pumpkin seeds
A few fried curry leaves
A few fried whole red chilies
1 tbsp olive oil
Combine yoghurt with salt, sugar and cumin powder, sprinkle pumpkin seeds, whole red chillies and curry leaves, drizzle olive oil and enjoy.

1 cup cream cheese, 2 cups whipped cream, 1/2 cup superfine sugar, 1 tsp vanilla essence, 1 cup digestive biscuit crumbs, 1/4 cup butter melted and 1/2 cup blueberry jam

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Beat cream cheese and sugar until fluffy and smooth, fold in whipped cream and pour into a pastry bag. Combine digestive buscuit crumbs and butter, divide in six portion and place each portion in a tumbler and press down to make base. Add enough cheese filling and top with a large dollop of blueberry jam. Sprinkle nuts if you want. Chill and serve.