Looking for Jobs

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Searching for a job is almost a full time job. It is no doubt time consuming and very frustration for the job seekers. Searching for a fit job is very hard work and it takes to many times, may be days, months or something more. Due to bad economic situation of world, now it is being very difficult for job seekers.

It is actually basic duty of any governments to make their policy economic friendly not war situation. It is time for everyone to live in peace and harmony. Government should make policy with the advice of business men who better knows about the business not such politician who joins politics for money not for welfare of their people.

Now good advice for job seekers, who are frustrated for not getting a fit job for them. There will be some reason that they are not getting job.

Check their resume that is written well and with all details and work experience and your qualifications and testimonials. It is fact that when you applied for a job, you are not the only one who is applying for that vacancy; there are almost hundreds of people who are applying. So, the employer first short listed the candidates, who are very near or almost fit for their requirements. So, who will receive a call from employers who are short listed.

Sometime required salary is also a factor of not getting job. Either you are asking for higher or lower. So, the employers have already made a clear picture in their system this vacant will get what salary. So, somebody is asking a higher than their range, they absolutely not consider them. And sometime, it is also experienced that you are asking very low rather the employer has fixed something higher. It means you are not very much confident about yourself. You are highly qualified and good experience but due to frustration, you are asking lower. Employer found this is not a confidence candidate who doesn't know his/her worth. So, when you applied for a post you should also know about yourself and search on the internet about salary of that position by salary calculators.

When employers review your resume, he or she will search you on internet because now a day everyone is involved with social media(s). So, it is very easy for them to check you there. And if you have not updated your bio-data as per your resume, it will not be positive for you. 

Especially on LinkedIn. The employers think why it is not the matching. A negative question arises on his mind. So, it is you who actually declined your position. Therefore, try to update all you information as per your resume on social media, if there is field of you data. Facebook and Twitters are almost much known to everyone so, employers are also link you there or find you there. So, your negativity on social media could harm you to find a job.

And sometime you can say unfortunately bad time that you doesn’t get the job, while you are 100% fit for the job. And it’s happened in third world where hypocrisy, favours, and corruption are on top. You become failed having good education and experience, someone else become hired due to influential’s who doesn't believe on merits. So, never be frustrated because there are also good people too.

So, you people do not frustrate and give up. There are also a way to cheer up, you try for self employment, do some small business and now a day there are very good and trusted places on internet where you find jobs from home. You try and in the meantime, you keep searching for job.